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Trade & Collaborative Projects and Sessions

What's Trade?

Welcome! If you've made it to this page, that means you have not only a desire to shoot but a desire to shoot a TFP (trade for print) collaborative session.

You may have heard this term here or there. The meaning of TFP was actually derived when models and photographers used to collab for actual prints. Present day, TFP has presently been used in collaboration for digital photos.

I created this page to be an informative portal of what models, makeup artists, co-shooters, and any others can expect on my TFP/collab shoots.

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One of the greatest misconceptions of trade shoots is that it's "free". There is no such thing as a free shoot. However, there are those out there that do. I'm in the business of portfolio and content development when it comes to trade. That's something I take pride in when it comes to helping out models, make-up artists, and others that collab with me. So, if you're just looking to shoot for free, please refer to my rates page for shooting.

Underwater Dive

Trade isn't a "me" thing or a "you" thing. The way I see it we're collaborating on something as a team, and we are looking forward to producing something to showcase to the world. Everyone has a role to play during these shoots as if it were a paid shoot; The makeup artist brings their makeup, spends their time and money making the model look amazing. The hair stylist works their magic, and models come to pose and work the camera. As a photographer I do more than push a button to get the right shot. I strive to push and challenge myself as well as others that work with me.


There's a lot that goes into a photo shoot but overall, it's "blood, sweat, and tears" that goes into many shoots. But more importantly, shoots should also be fun.

Manicured Nails

Everyone has a reason why they're doing trade whether it be for fun, building confidence in themselves or for developing their own portfolio. So if you're interested you're in the right place.

However, I do trade shoots on a case by case basis. That goes back to if it's mutual collab that I look forward to further developing my own portfolio. One might ask me if that's something I demand. Things that are not currently part of my demand are more suitable for a paid shoot, which is a service I'm more than happy to provide for you.

Pre-shoot and Planning

It is during this time we will work together to plan out details regarding our session. This includes but not limited to theme, date and time, clothing, location and any other supplemental creative ideals that will give us the most for our time.

Yoga Practice
The Shoot

During the day of the shoot I usually arrive appropriately 15 minutes early and expect models also to arrive a bit before our agreed upon time. I leave this time for any last minute information I'll need to relay regarding the shoot as well as the optional "icebreaker" podcast interview that I normally do beforehand.


The interview

The interview is a short and sweet way for me and prospective fans and supporters get to know you as the model as well as you to get to know me prior to shooting. I like to refer to it as the "icebreaker"" interview. I normally suggest doing this for models I'm shooting with for the very first time. It's not required. However, most that have participated thought it was pretty neat and had a great time doing so. 


Sessions normally go from 45-60 minutes with some exceptions being at up to 90 minutes depending on type of shoot. Some have gone as long as 3-4 hours in rare cases. Those were the most fun, creative and the most challenging by far.

Tech Watch
Post Shoot

After all is said and done and everyone has gone their separate ways the development process and editing of the photos begins. Regardless of what kind of shoot, this is the one of the most time extensive parts of the whole process. Depending on the shoot it could take as much as 15 minutes per photo to up to 60 minutes per photo. Usually as a rule of thumb, the more high end a shoot is the longer it will take to edit and develop as well as the more photos I have to develop.

Once I go through and eliminate the not so good photos from the shoot, I upload the remaining sample photos to an online folder, send the link, and have the model choose up to a specific amount of photos for me to develop.

Watercolor Paints

The discussion regarding the yield of the photo shoot usually takes place during the signing of the TFP agreement, which simply states up to the minimum amount of photos one can expect from shooting, and after shooting this is confirmed prior to when the model chooses their favorites.

Once the photos are chosen, the editing process begins, which can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks due to my busy schedule.

When I finally finish the editing process I then upload the complete photos to an online folder as well as create a digital album for you to view and/or download.

Getting Started

It's a lot I know. However, this is what I'd like to refer to as an investment of time, energy and resources, which in turn creates a valuable product and something we all can be proud of.

One only needs to ask if they're interested, and to start by clicking or tapping "continue" below. BTW, you're more than welcome to apply more than once for different shoots and concepts.

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