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After the Session

"Now what?"

Post Session

Typically, within about 72 hours I will have gone through all the photos and eliminated any photos that don’t quite fit what I consider my standard of photography (minus any memorable ones you really wanted); mostly things such as wrong expressions, test shots, duplicates or anything that wouldn’t make for a good photo. I strive to include only the best of the best. The other thing to remember is that the samples are all low resolution and because little to no edits have been performed on them they do not represent the final product.

Sample Edits

Sample edits are 90-100% completed images I may release within 72 hours of our session to show you what the photos are going to look like. You're more than welcome to share and post these as these are usually complete or near complete edits. You're also welcome to provide any feedback or concerns if you have any you'd like to address. I assure you I don't bite. If you have something you need to bring to light regarding an edit, I want to be the first to know.

Choosing Your Faves

This is probably the hardest part. So I want you to really think about the best of the best when making your top picks for editing. It's okay if you have more than the amount we discussed. I'll help you narrow it down to the absolute best imagery we created for this session.

Choosing My Faves

As you will be choosing your top faves, I'll be choosing my own top faves from our session.

Post Developement

Think of this time as like cooking a meal. For this takes the most time in the entire process. Depending on the type of shoot, it may take me up to 6 weeks to complete. On average it takes somewhere between 3-4 weeks to finish edits. Even so, I strive to get these done sooner. Just consider that I have other shoots to do and I work a normal day job, all which take time.


After all edits are complete, if you got digitals I normally upload and provide you a link to where they are for you to view, download and share if you like. However, if you got physical prints or any other products, the will be shipped out to the address provided.

Additional Edits

So you're thinking to yourself that "I really would like more images from this session." Not a problem. You're more than welcome to place an order for additional edited images for an additional fee.

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